School consert !!!!!!

I’m only one call away I’ll be there to save the day superman got nothing on me I’m only one call away. OK let’s take it back a little.
Macey! Macey !
“Come over hear were on.”said ruby
“I am soooooooo scared I think I’m going to spew it’s going to be ok just breath” said abbey
“ok welcome everyone to the school concert to start it off we have the singing group singing hallelujah “said miss Coote
I walk on the stage and I was so scared I was doing a solo so you can imagine the pressure I was shaking what if I stuff up her we go. Well done well done I did it I really did it that was the best I have ever sang.i was so proud of myself I got it over and done with now I can wait for my class performance.
6 songs later
“Is this 4B ?”A Grade 6 girl asked my teacher.
“Yep sure is!” Said Mrs Posar.
“OK your up next .”
As soon as I heard your up next my hand started shivering.

As we went to the steps we could see the class before us preform it was a strange dance but they did it really well. Ok as the crowed clapped I was shivering with excitement after the last performance I saw It wasn’t that scary my hand stopped shivering the butterflies went away and my mouth wasn’t dry I was perfectly normal.

I walked on stage I didn’t even look at the crowed I put my legs apart my head down and the music started i did my dance. Our dance was pretty cool it had tricks and flips and the worm I did a cart wheel and the worm .I posed and bowed at the end of the dance as they clapped I walked off the stage and into my seat I didn’t know what I was so worried about. So for the rest of the show I got an ice cream and enjoyed the show the end.

Scamming !!!!!!


Hello today we participated in a webinar a webinar is a live broadcast of a topic to do which school this webinar was all about scamming.durin the webinar I learnt that to stop people from giving your iPad /computer a virus and be able to guess your password you make your password emojis instead of numbers so your password should look something like this.        😍❤️😘🌅  not like this 6167.

Cardboard car regatta

Hello today I am going to tell you all about the cardboard car regatta lets get started.

last Friday the whole school competed in the cardboard car regatta .the cardboard car regatta is were the whole school gets a cardboard box to tern into a car and race it on a day the fastest and stylish car will win .

my car didn’t win the people that were in my group were Olivia Jasper John and myself out car was called starie night the sides were black our number plate Is Eat my moon dust.we didn’t win but I still had a lot of fun.image


The authors visit

image                                                    Hi my name is Macey and I am going to tell you all about yesterday so let’s get started .Yesterday an author came and visited her name was karlana Kasarik she wrote the book the stone keepers it is a great book so do read it .karlana told us all about what you should have in your writing and a few tips to make it better .she had 3 most important steps and 5 not so important steps the three most important steps were

1.have fun

2.write what you want

3.make the writer feel

and the 5 not so important ones were there’s no wright of wrong and always have a plan and you don’t hafto finish a book and always remember about the 5 senses and the w’s.

Term 3 Kitchen garden